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Artists in wood


Ash & Plumb was created in June 2020 by Sussex based artists in wood Barnaby Ash & Dru Plumb, born out of a desire to honour naturally sustainable materials crafting unique and sculptural works that breathe life into the living spaces they inhabit

In an increasingly mass-produced culture, we choose to walk a different path; paying tribute to traditional craft in a modern context we realise classically sculpted pieces that allow the natural beauty of the material to shine. We believe in craft as the perfect medium for our personal expression, a chance to meditate on the task at hand with meticulous focus and truly connect with the materials with which we work.


Specialising in sculptural forms and unique functional works, we craft with locally reclaimed and sustainably sourced woods aiming to honour the life of the tree through our work. Constantly amazed by the natural beauty of the British woods we work with, we consider ourselves editors not creators of nature's finest work.

With a broad and unusual history of creative and practical experience between them and a passion for self-development Barnaby and Dru are uniquely equipped to collaborate through Ash & Plumb. Having previously worked across the Fashion industry (Barnaby as a Fashion Editor and Dru in PR and marketing) they can draw upon their past experiences to support newer self-taught practices like photography and the making process itself.

All Ash & Plumb products are currently stocked on our website and select stockists with workshop updates released periodically. We are always working on new and exciting ideas, challenging ourselves to push the boundaries of what we are capable of, we recommend joining our mailing list for the latest updates and exclusive early access. We also offer a bespoke service and are available for commissions and select collaborations.