Design-Nation: Our Journey exhibition

Starting off 2022 with a bang. We are thrilled to be a part of Design-Nation's new exhibition Our Journey, taking place between 29th January and 24th April 2022.

This exhibition captures important milestones in the evolution of Design-Nation’s portfolio of leading contemporary designer-makers from across the UK. A showcase of diverse material-led practices, Our Journey emphasises excellence and beauty of design and craftsmanship, and highlights the sector’s increasingly committed focus on innovative ways to address sustainability and embrace ethical making. The exhibition is being hosted by their sister gallery, The Hub, in Lincolnshire.

Our Journey features 25 individual designer-makers from the Design-Nation portfolio, working in ceramics, digital technologies, glass, leather, metal, repurposed materials, textile and wood. Exhibits include 2D artworks, decorative vessels, jewellery, lighting, mosaics, quilting, throws and sculptures.

Our contribution to one of the theme's for the exhibition is Diversity, a rich quality that can be seen in many ways across Design-Nation’s portfolio and throughout this exhibition. Members use an impressive and diverse array of materials and processes, both traditional and cutting edge, creating functional objects, products, and artworks.

Echoes of Flora

This collection of forms is a celebration of the material with which we work and the making process itself. Whilst we generally go into our creative practice with the intent of producing something specific we prefer to allow for a certain fluidity during the process which leads to a more spontaneous and enjoyable way of working. This practice is the way in which we formed this collection of pieces, each form a unique take on a silhouette, an evolutionary play on proportion dancing from one vessel to the next.

We wanted to bring attention to a diverse selection of responsibly sourced and British grown timbers, really showcasing some of the amazing materials we have in this country and celebrating unique and interesting features of the material that are often considered defects in other contexts. For us, the sourcing of these timbers is something that takes great consideration, being careful to source both the most ideal material for our purposes but also only purchasing British trees that have been either responsibly coppiced or felled due to risk, storm damage, disease or decay.

There is a lively programme of events for all ages, both for craft professionals and the public as a whole: talks, workshops, panel discussions, portfolio reviews and masterclasses. Many events take place at The Hub but there are also virtual events for those further away. Find out more here.

Browse the Exhibitors and download the catalogue.

Find out more here about the exhibition’s three themes (Excellence, Sustainability, Diversity) and how designer/makers have responded to them – through text, images and films by R&A Collaborations.

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