Now live - 'Archetypes' solo exhibition at The Scottish Gallery

We find ourselves fascinated with the language of form, with the way we as individuals imbue vessels with qualities that conjure characterful and deeply human archetypes and how we chose to live and interact with those works

This show is for us a representation of our journey through woodcraft so far as well as a celebration of the material and making process itself. Whilst we generally go into our creative practice with the intent of producing something specific we prefer to allow for a certain fluidity and as such don’t always end up where we intended. This process allows for each piece to take on a sort of character of its own, a character that isn’t entirely present or clear until a work is complete. It is this way of working that we find most rewarding, each piece different from the next often echoing previous forms but rarely ever the same.

With Archetypes we wanted to both celebrate this way of working whilst also showcasing a diverse and characterful variety of exclusively British, responsibly and sustainably sourced timbers across a range of works from some of smallest we have produced to the largest yet. The collection consists of over 70 individual pieces including both single pieces and those paired into sets.

The exhibition will be made available online exclusively at The Scottish Gallery from Tuesday 23rd November 2021 and in gallery from the Thursday 2nd to the Thursday 23rd of December 2021.

The gallery can be located and contacted at:

The Scottish Gallery

16 Dundas Street

Edinburgh EH3 6HZ

T: 0131 558 1200

Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 5pm

Saturday: 11am - 2pm*

Sunday & Monday: closed

*The Gallery will be open for limited hours on Saturday 4 December, 1-3pm.

Pieces from the collection are available for purchases at The Scottish Gallery here.

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