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Updated: Feb 7

Collection of 37 vases of the same form in various British timbers
Collection of 37 vases of the same form in various British timbers

We were recently commissioned by a private client to create a large installation of our vessels to sit along a large five metre table within a spectacularly sculptural and minimalist living space just off of Portobello road. This was one of our largest works to date and was a real pleasure to create and collaborate with a very gracious and kind patron on.

The work - ‘Echoes of Flora’ is an intimate collaboration of craftsman and setting to celebrate British grown timbers through a refined series of unique yet familial forms. Each piece is a completely individual take on a singular silhouette, an evolutionary play on proportion dancing from one vessel to the next.

This installation consists of ten diverse and characterful examples of responsibly sourced and often rare British woods and finishes throughout 37 total vessels of varying heights and forms.

Through this work we really wanted to celebrate the intricacies available in local British timbers including:

  • Elm Burr

  • Sequoia Burr

  • Oak Burr

  • Brown Oak

  • Ebonised Oak

  • Charred Oak

  • Spalted Beech

  • London Plane

  • Ash

  • Spalted Ash

Intended for display both as a standalone installation and also as part of a dinner setting there is the option for the display of dried florals. We provided a small selection of dried florals for use but recommended indulging in the delight of selecting clippings from a garden or surrounding environment so as to evolve the installation with the seasons. Using dried elements in less than half of the vessels in a non-uniform order was also a complementary option.

The project was thoroughly enjoyable and a pleasure to collaborate with.

If you are interested in commissioning a project with us, please email us on with your requirements and we will happily come back to you.

- Barnaby & Dru

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