Workshop Tour

Our Vicmarc VL300 lathe

Meet our workshop.

We moved here in March this year and have settled in handsomely since then. Definitely still plenty of things to do to improve our set up but it’s working well for us already.

We also have a studio set up at home where we manage the operations & other aspects of the creative process (eg. photography, digital work etc).

The workshop is on an old farm property nestled among various other workshop spaces in a beautiful old flint walled, timber framed barn space in East Sussex. We’ve also got a lovely outdoor spot to store green logs and do chainsaw work too.

It took us quite a while to find the right set up for us but we’re confident this place will work well for us long term. Plus it’s just the right size to ensure we can’t get too carried away with machinery of equipment but big enough to allow for a little expansion of our set up in the future.

Anyway, hope that helps give you a little insight into our setup.

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