Here at Ash & Plumb, we tend to use one of two food safe finishes to apply to our products, usually reaching for 100% natural, raw organic British Linseed oil or a 100% natural British made hard wax oil. 


Linseed oil penetrates the surface of the wood and hardens as it dries, providing the products with a durable finish that combines with the wood to protect against occasional moisture and other oils it may come into contact with.


Engineered in the UK, the alternative food-safe finish we use is a natural, long-lasting, water repellent and durable hard-wax oil finish that retains the natural colour of the wood whilst providing a high level of protection.

Whilst it isn’t always necessary to refinish pieces, to maintain the original luster of our Linseed oil finished products requires occasional reapplication of a polymerizing oil such as Linseed, Hempseed, Tung or Walnut (Walnut should be avoided in the case of nut allergies). These oils are known to harden once cured as opposed to other food-safe alternatives. Be sure to use a thin coating and allow it to cure for a day or two before using again.

Never put wooden goods in the dishwasher or leave soaking in water. Wash pieces with a warm soapy cloth and leave to dry somewhere well ventilated.

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