Sculptural hollow vessel in beautifully creamy Sycamore with an almost porcelain-like quality, inspired by the form of an eroded beach pebble. Complete with our signature splash lip, referencing the ripple caused by a single drop of water in a still pool, finished with a natural hard wax oil.


Height: 12.5cm

Diameter: 25cm


For dried blooms only.

Large Sycamore Pebble Vessel

  • Each hollow vessel we make is completely individual in grain and form, every piece turned on the lathe and shaped by hand working with the wood to reveal the final piece from within the log. Unlike our smaller dried flower vases which are turned from seasoned wood and drilled, these pieces use freshly felled logs and are completely hollowed to a consistently thin wall thickness before careful drying, allowing them to very subtly warp according to natural stresses within the tree.

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