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#88 - Bell Vessel in Quilted Oak Featuring Stitch-Work Repair

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Sandblasted Oak vessel that has been treated with wood ash and a light touch of fire before layering with a Japanese ceramic finish and Stitch-Work repair.

This vessel is our tribute to Bell Beaker culture, around 4500 years ago and allegedly emanating from Iberia (modern day Spain) this style of beaker became prevalent across the European continent as well as eventually in Britain around 100 years later. It’s a fascinating history with a substantial variation in form and decorative finish to be found across the different archeological sites. This particular vessel features subtle Stitch-Work repair.

Finished with our newly developed quilted finish that we’re releasing for the first time, the result of many experiments in between projects at the workshop, something we are hoping to find more time for next year.

This Oak is sourced from Plashett Woods in Little Horsted, East Sussex

Height: 23cm
Diameter: 11cm

Product Care

Our vessels are intended as sculptural and artistic works that are only suitable for dried goods if you should choose to accessorise them. When cleaning or dusting the works the best approach we have found is to use a stiff nail brush to buff the textured surface free from any dust or dirt. If they need further cleaning add a touch of water with a damp lint free cloth and buff the surface again with the brush followed by drying the piece off with another lint free cloth.

Further info

  • Packaging

    All works come wrapped in a linen/cotton cloth to protect the material as well as eco-friendly packaging.

  • Sustainably sourced

    We exclusively use British timbers that have been responsibly sourced in or around Sussex, UK.

  • Dispatch

    We aim for all orders to be dispatched within 5 business days of order.

  • All works in this collection have been crafted using a single log from Plashett Woods in Little Horsted, East Sussex