Make Hauser & Wirth: ‘every somewhere’, Bruton - September 2023

Make Hauser & Wirth: ‘every somewhere’, Bruton - September 2023

This September 2023, we've been invited to participate in the group exhibition 'every somewhere' at the prestigious Make Hauser & Wirth in Somerset, UK.

‘every somewhere’ returns to themes of place and local distinctiveness explored through wood, textile and organic materials. The featured artist-makers share an instinctive approach to making through lived experience, ordering and composing nature into new forms.


Ash and Plumb reference the Neolithic vessel archetype with each hand-crafted work, hewn from a single oak tree retrieved from The Bayham Abbey estate in Kent, England. Lizzie Farey responds to the Galloway countryside in Scotland where she lives and works, surrounded by hills, lochs, larch and heather, the essence of which she tries to recapture in her work. Maria Sigma’s new wall pieces were originated during her residency in Somerset last November and are inspired by the local landscape and the intricate relationship between the wild and cultivated areas. Naomi Mcintosh works with beech wood sourced from the Cairngorms in Scotland, creating sculptural pieces with an implied sense of movement. Her complex wall works, evoke the feeling of being beside the river Dee and reflect on how water flows over and around obstacles. Through these deeply personal material collaborations emerge the lines, grids and curves of their works as the makers reimagine their relationships with the natural world. Collectively they bring into focus the presence and influence of place and the lyrical language of the fragile earth.

The exhibition runs from 23rd September through to 18th November, where all works can be purchased directly through the gallery:

Make Hauser & Wirth Somerset
Stockwell House
13 High Street Bruton
Somerset BA10 0AB

opening hours:
Wednesday – Saturday 10 am – 1 pm & 2 pm – 4 pm #hwmake

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