QEST x Turners Company Scholarship Awarded to Barnaby Ash

QEST x Turners Company Scholarship Awarded to Barnaby Ash

We are delighted to announce that Barnaby has been accepted as a Turners’ Company QEST Scholar.

QEST funding will enable Barnaby to learn from Phil Irons, Alain Mailland and Ghenadi Vasiliev, furthering his skills in hollowing and sculpting greenwood vessels on the lathe and developing unique finishing processes. His goal is to both refine and scale up his existing freehand hollowing ability as well as study the use of equipment for hollowing significantly deeper work safely.

Learning additional turning and carving techniques will allow him to add sculptural carved details to his work such as handles, lids and decorative rims.

You can read more directly from QEST here



The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship trust (QEST) funds the education of talented and aspiring craftspeople through traditional colleges, apprenticeships or one-to-one training. The Royal Warrant Holders Association created these scholarships in 1990, funded through a new charity which marked the 150th anniversary of the Association and the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

The Worshipful Company of Turners, one of ten Livery Companies who support the Trust, has sponsored a number of aspiring turners through QEST, and they have benefited greatly from the training, raised profile and valuable networking opportunities that the awards bring.




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