6th June to 27th July 2024 - Solo exhibition ‘Echoes’ at The Scottish Gallery

6th June to 27th July 2024 - Solo exhibition ‘Echoes’ at The Scottish Gallery

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Echoes draws on historical forms which are translated into a contemporary visual language of their own, a practice they had begun to develop during their first solo exhibition with The Gallery in 2021. Their practice has significantly evolved in the last few years, both in terms of increased complexity of the vessels but also the breadth of their historical references.

This latest 24-piece series has a diverse variety of forms which play with proportion and scale from a set of miniature vessels through to a series of monumental vessels. Included are a series of turned and carved vessels with fully integral handles all hewn from a single piece of Oak which was made possible through Barnaby’s QEST scholarship training that he completed last year, which adds a completely new facet to their studio practice.

Each vessel is finished in a variety of smoky patinas and unique finishes that Barnaby and Dru have developed alongside Dru’s signature stitch-work repair work which both celebrates and supports the natural fissures within the Oak.

Echoes will open on 6th June and run through to 27th August 2024. Artworks can be purchased online directly from The Scottish Gallery when available.

The Scottish Gallery
16 Dundas Street
Edinburgh EH3 6HZ
T: (+44) 0131 558 1200

All sales enquiries can be made to mail@scottish-gallery.co.uk

You can subscribe to The Scottish Gallery newsletter to be notified of its online release. Below is a preview of selected works for the exhibition.

Echoes on display at The Scottish Gallery

 Echoes on display at The Scottish Gallery

Southease II - H: 18cm x D: 47cm - £2,000 inc VAT

Cauldron II - H: 25cm x D: 35cm - £1,800 inc VAT

Spire - H: 80cm x D: 30cm - £6,120 inc VAT

Amphora III - H: 29cm D: 25cm - £1,700 inc VAT


Ouse II - H: 25cm x D: 22cm - £1,100 inc VAT

Quintet with Oak Burr plinth - H: 6cm x D: 6cm - £550 inc VAT

Etruscan Urn II - H: 23cm D: 19cm - £950 inc VAT

Amphora II - H: 16cm x D: 15cm - £850 inc VAT

(L) Winged Cauldron II - H: 15cm x D: 36cm - £1,600 inc VAT

(R) Flared Annulus II - H: 19cm x D: 36cm - £1,800 inc VAT

Charred Annulus - H: 18cm x D: 18.5cm - £550 inc VAT

Trio - H: 9cm x D; 11cm - £480 inc VAT

Charred Amphora - H: 17cm x D: 17cm - £450 inc VAT

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Paul Wood
Paul Wood

As a courtesy to your potential purchasers would you please publish the prices of the pieces for sale?
Kind Regards

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